Construction Management

We have implemented many of the residential, commercial and administrative projects, and we have proved superior merit in the implementation of all business, which made concern and great confidence in the world of construction.

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Real Estate

As long as the acquisition of high value real estate in the Middle East and the world of Saadco Trading and Contracting Company properties.

Defined a proven track record of investing in real estate holding distinctive and relevant institutions, some housing facilities and commercial and other designed to attract global attention. However, that fits with our strategies with the best selection in each of the states Qatar, Turkey and other countries is that marketers accredited.

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Electricity and Green Buildings

We specialize in green buildings and saving the needs of electrical services to ensure maintaining the highest levels in terms of production.

We discover and fix all problems and electrical faults in record time.

Engineering works related to the maintenance of facilities.

Design and create control panels, and software design service.

Design a comprehensive program for maintenance and prevention to ensure the continuing effectiveness of useful services.

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Interior and Exterior Design

Providing universal design in all classic and modern that divide the spaces and the functional requirements for each space to suit some appropriate solutions and unconventional ways and locality to make appropriate designs of the choice of colors, some consistency, accessories, and ability to understand the customer requirements of designs and convince them of appropriate designs and affordable cost.

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Security Systems

Saadco Trading and Contracting Company defined by high-quality products and that touches all customers requirements where we provide all types of systems and security solutions which the world turns to the highest level of protection of your basic security awareness of incident of abuse that can occur against our safety as government agencies and other private sectors feel that they urgently need to protect against violations.

Security solutions and modern designs, control systems and attendees leave, early warning systems for emergencies.

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